When You Feel Weak | Steven Furtick

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When you feel like you can’t keep going, God’s help is already on the way.
In this encouraging message, Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches that, even when you feel weak, you’re not alone.
This is an excerpt from “Same Devils, New Levels.” To watch the full message, click here: kgglobal.info/phone/sqh-h3C8xM2mhaA/video.html
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Section Titles:
0:00 - Obedience Creates Freedom
2:10 - Stop Thinking So Hard (Acts 12, verses 7-8)
4:17 - You Don't Need The Details
5:39 - Mindsets Are A Prison (Acts 12, verse 9)
7:30 - You've Got To Go Through It (Acts 12, verse 10)
10:07 - Where Do You Go When You Are In Trouble?
12:22 - How I Know God Was With Me (Acts 12, verses 11-12)
13:42 - Have You Stopped Believing? (Acts 12, verses 12-14)
16:43 - You're Out Of Your Mind (Acts 12, verses 15-16)
18:11 - Don't Stop Knocking
When You Feel Weak | Steven Furtick

Luky Nguyen
Luky Nguyen 13 саат мурун
amen , From Việt Nam
Spiritual distancing
Jacque K
Jacque K 2 күн мурун
I have the annointing for this season and I have the victory.....Amen and Amen 🙏
mirriam Mubanga
mirriam Mubanga 2 күн мурун
I need my light back Lord, take over and fight battles for my life, an an overcomer with you on my side.
Andrew medina
Andrew medina 3 күн мурун
How do I know who my abishy is?
Christina mix
Christina mix 4 күн мурун
Thanks to the el youevation pastor fertick honest and the way he's been annoited to have a great way of bringing the Bible to life and it's definitely changed mine!
johnsun john sun
johnsun john sun 4 күн мурун
Gold Shake the world and churches but you don't run ,Amen
BRENDA JONES 4 күн мурун
Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Kimberly Tate
Kimberly Tate 5 күн мурун
iza-beth tremotcha
iza-beth tremotcha 5 күн мурун
Candidly Veli
Candidly Veli 5 күн мурун
Wonderful anointed message
Toya Lee
Toya Lee 7 күн мурун
Needed this right on time. 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Robert Pittman
Robert Pittman 8 күн мурун
Levi Bower
Levi Bower 9 күн мурун
Thanks to you Steven I’ve been watching you for like 4 months and I listen to you every night I have received my prayer voice
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 10 күн мурун
This hit at the right time.
Affluent Andrella
Affluent Andrella 10 күн мурун
This is great.
TDE SONY HOME 11 күн мурун
Melanie Munien
Melanie Munien 14 күн мурун
I'm tired and exhausted,but I can't give up,I'll NEVER give up because my HELPER IS JESUS.
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick 13 күн мурун
Amen to that, Melanie! 🙌 ^SF Team
Michael Angelo Bernardo
Michael Angelo Bernardo 14 күн мурун
Crowley's house
Crowley's house 14 күн мурун
Dear Steve, My name is Crowley ( not real name) I'm a christian from the island of Borneo. I have question for you or anyone who read. As you know God hates sin but love sinners. So I've been struggle with this thought. I am a good guy( kinda) I never hurt people physically like punching them or harm them, saying bad words to them. But in my head, my head is a dark place. I've imagined myself tortured and hurt them. That is kinda a sin too.So my question is, how can I get rid of that thought..
Amy Kihato
Amy Kihato 14 күн мурун
Hey am only 17 years old and i feel like life is hard for me to bear .I have been crying in the inside and not knowing what to do with my life . I feel very weak in the inside of my heart thinking why do i have to suffer the pain of not knowing my identity in Christ , thinking God has forsaken me and i feel heart broken ,pain of rejection and actually i have been struggling with whether i should continue speaking in tongues in my life . My grades in school have also been decreasing and i don't know what to do .Please help.
tony_boii_ 11 күн мурун
Well the best thing you can do is just keep on praying with faith, just keep trying to move on and keep your head up. Things are very hard right now for me as well, and even though you might not recieve and answer from the Lord remember that God is working. God has plans for you. Just keep praying have faith in the Lord. I promise you things will get better in life. God has control over everything. Just trust in Him, belive in Him I'm a 16 year old boy who is also struggling in life too but i ask the Lord everyday to give me the strength to keep me moving, i ask the Lord to help me. I ask the Lord to take everthing i have and take control. I promise you, God is working. Pray everyday and have faith. I promise things will get better
Mary Farag
Mary Farag 16 күн мурун
Jack 18 күн мурун
Be saved Acts 2:38, NIV: "Peter replied, 'Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." Spread the Gospel
Mary Jane Martinez
Mary Jane Martinez 19 күн мурун
Amen 🙏
Michelle Zuniga
Michelle Zuniga 19 күн мурун
Daniel Acosta
Daniel Acosta 20 күн мурун
oye Praise Anyway🙏👑🌴 be Greatful your Allowed/Breathing to Be Able To Feel, pain, anger, confusion, frustrated, Bring-It(.WW.) MINDSET, "we Can't let The Light Go out"-david in my Life Sure Did Not Strike down dis Bear(.WW.)🐻 "same Square devil Same Insecurity"
alaukwu chidera
alaukwu chidera 20 күн мурун
Always an encouragement when I listen to you preach. Thank you so much from Nigeria
cass holl
cass holl 21 күн мурун
I GOT IT!!!!
Lori Culbertson
Lori Culbertson 21 күн мурун
I don't have any Abeshais. And I ask God for help almost daily.
Lori Culbertson
Lori Culbertson 10 күн мурун
@Official Steven Furtick Thank you! I'll check out both of those links. I appreciate it.
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick 10 күн мурун
Lori, we are here for you and would love to pray for you. Please let us know how we can pray through this link: elevationchurch.org/contact/. If you haven't looked into it yet, we have a variety of eGroups that you can join so you can build connections with the community (online or local). You can find them through this link: connect.elevationchurch.org/egroups. Maybe you'll find more Abeshais than you expected. May God bless you everyday! ^SF Team
Victoria-Kaytlan Filimoehala-Egan
Victoria-Kaytlan Filimoehala-Egan 21 күн мурун
God I remember seeing this when it was live and I’m seeing it again now after what just happened as well. I know who my Abashi is. Thank you God.
Leslie Wessell
Leslie Wessell 22 күн мурун
Daniel Bailey Lawrence county jail Bedford In he said to live is God and he wanted any literature you can send him he said your touching a lot of people in jail keep up the great work
Leslie Wessell
Leslie Wessell 22 күн мурун
MY SON is in jail in Lawrence county jail and when he started watching you he gave he's give his live back to God and he wanted you to know that. His name is Daniel Bailey and you helped him find his way
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick 14 күн мурун
Amen! What a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing, Leslie. Please know we are praying for you and Daniel today. ^SF Team
Megan Ellis
Megan Ellis 22 күн мурун
This message is really ministering to me. Lord help me guard my light. Anxiety/panic/depression has been trying to destroy my life. But I’m calling on God to bring me out. Lord, I need your help. Holy Spirit, take charge of my life.
blue monke
blue monke 21 күн мурун
In the name of Jesus, don’t give up keep on trying and don’t let the weakness take over. May God be with you. Sending prayers.🙏🏻❤️
BibleTalkWit Cri
BibleTalkWit Cri 23 күн мурун
I’m telling you. I’m so tired of fighting. I’m so happy God led me to this video. I need to be putting on armor. Cause the way I’ve been fighting is why I’m giving up. God please help me
HillTopKid081984 24 күн мурун
mslydia me
mslydia me 24 күн мурун
Prayer for seven days .... God make me aware of the ABISHAIS? The help you sent in my life. Write 2-3 hand notes to those who you know are there? Praying.....Assignment....Asking....Seeking .... Obedience..... Seeing!!!! And Sit in God’s Presence! Receiving! New!
Shanoah Rose
Shanoah Rose 25 күн мурун
God enough is enough i give it all to u im tired of letting the enemy kick me around i give my weakness i give it all to u i gotta keep my abishais close
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick 24 күн мурун
Gracious God we pray for Shanoah Rose at this time. Lord, we pray that they are able to give over to you every single struggle and temptation that is running through them Lord and we pray that you are able to comfort them and build them into who you plan for them to be. In Jesus' most glorious name we pray. Amen. ^SF Team 🧡
Catherine Thomas
Catherine Thomas 25 күн мурун
Catherine Thomas
Catherine Thomas 25 күн мурун
Preach!!! Thank you Lord for ☝ mercy and grace +TRUTH!!! AMEN 👏👏👏👏👏👏💓💓🙌🙌🙌🙌 YES!!!!👏👏👏👏👏😌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Marie P.
Marie P. 25 күн мурун
I love the msg
Love 25 күн мурун
Through your preaching I'm learning to accept my helper
Love 25 күн мурун
I always lived shrugging everything that should have bothered me off & I've lived a long time not even having a negative thought about my experiences suddenly I found myself in a place where I kept fighting everything & everyone ...but through continuously paying attention to the words that our father have been using you pastor to bring out ...I'm moving securely to a better place in the lord...thanks so much may you continue to be used in such incredible blessings for ppl ..
Wendy Mccool
Wendy Mccool 25 күн мурун
Dear Lord please help me to see things clearly
Wendy Mccool
Wendy Mccool 25 күн мурун
Pastor Furtick you are our abishi
Kimberly Ferrell
Kimberly Ferrell 25 күн мурун
Thank you for this message. You have to avoid all distractions and trust God putting on the full armor of God!
Manuel Huizar 2
Manuel Huizar 2 25 күн мурун
saskya smith
saskya smith 26 күн мурун
Jim Flanagan
Jim Flanagan 26 күн мурун
Bring it on!!
Shanoah Rose
Shanoah Rose 26 күн мурун
Hallelujah this is for this is what i needed amen
Shanoah Rose
Shanoah Rose 26 күн мурун
Thank u god for speaking to me through pastor
Minerva Oracio
Minerva Oracio 26 күн мурун
Thank you pastor 🙏 I really needed this word may the Lord continue to bless you and your family
Time is Preciously Precious
Time is Preciously Precious 27 күн мурун
Thank you very much I have a new perspective now God bless you Pastor, amen!
Malvina Khan
Malvina Khan 27 күн мурун
Scorpions Oracle
Scorpions Oracle 28 күн мурун
Thank you for this video
Scorpions Oracle
Scorpions Oracle 28 күн мурун
Omg this guy on point. I love when they talk about angels sometimes don't have wings
Beatrice Anyinyo
Beatrice Anyinyo 28 күн мурун
i alway pray to GOD that one day i will see you face to face or visit your church you always encourage me with your teaching pastor always remember me in prays I love you and thank God for you and your family.
Beatrice Anyinyo
Beatrice Anyinyo 28 күн мурун
I am strong and anointed
Josephine Mwende
Josephine Mwende 28 күн мурун
God help me recognize the Abishai in my life
Tammy Shafer
Tammy Shafer 29 күн мурун
Love pastor Steven and his family the worship music is so uplifting.thanks to all of you
Danica Castro
Danica Castro 29 күн мурун
My Abashai ♥️
Daniel Herrera
Daniel Herrera 29 күн мурун
It fits now!!!!!
Daniella Kaner
Daniella Kaner 29 күн мурун
The delicious dew counterintuitively fit because landmine synchronously charge notwithstanding a awesome mimosa. oceanic, east
Tamie Tamie
Tamie Tamie Ай мурун
It fits now. !
Temshi Jamir
Temshi Jamir Ай мурун
Praise God ❤️
Demetrios Siskos
Demetrios Siskos Ай мурун
This was really good! Thank you Jesus! On time like always I love you Jesus
Patience Njuguna
Patience Njuguna Ай мурун
Thanks for opening my eyes may God bless you 🙏😭🥰
Horiba Sangtam
Horiba Sangtam Ай мурун
Thank you Jesus who wants everything good for me. Amen I praise you Lord Jesus🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
El Bandito
El Bandito Ай мурун
How does one know if they have an abashi ?
Edward Dsouza
Edward Dsouza Ай мурун
please pray for me...I'm 14 years old and failed my exam....please pray for me...I'm truly worried.......
Martyn Machala
Martyn Machala Ай мурун
Money is temporary house temporary car temporary career temporary God is. Eternal amen
Thank you brother.
HealthyMealthy Ай мурун
I'll never understand this type of preaching...not hating. Just can't wrap my head around it.
Miguel Huerta
Miguel Huerta Ай мурун
Pastor preached “it’s the same devil, I want you to fight it at a different level” Praise God! Jesus Spoke through pastor!
Susan Aaron
Susan Aaron Ай мурун
Thank you for a great sermon. God has really changed my life for the better .I would be lost without him in my life .
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick Ай мурун
Amen, thank you Lord that you carry your daughter, we ask in prayer that you keep her close Lord, we ask this in Your name, amen🧡 ^ SF Team
Rimaa Rai
Rimaa Rai Ай мурун
Shield of faith Helmet of salvation !
Neelum Javed
Neelum Javed Ай мурун
Does anyone has transcriptions of Pastor's messages
Neelum Javed
Neelum Javed Ай мурун
Great message Pastor Steve, Your are truly man of GOD. Love & blessing from Pakistan.
Finding the Light
Finding the Light Ай мурун
Never feel bad about being a nerd, being a nerd for the Bible included!
Cathy Bailey
Cathy Bailey Ай мурун
No! No! No! Santan get behind me.. in the name of Jesus Christ..
Cathy Bailey
Cathy Bailey Ай мурун
So true! Pastor
Milan Christali
Milan Christali Ай мурун
Prayer!!! Thank you for guiding me Pastor
Milan Christali
Milan Christali Ай мурун
Your holy spirit has ministered to mine. I love you Jesus!
4nemb ace
4nemb ace Ай мурун
Vitaliy Popovych
Vitaliy Popovych Ай мурун
Powerful 🔥 ❤️ thank you 🙏
Edica chesoli
Edica chesoli Ай мурун
This is huuuuuge for me ...woooooow🙌
Bree Pham
Bree Pham Ай мурун
The wacky nation intringuingly whine because box virtually refuse an a bitter ramie. tense, terrible pocket
Vick 94
Vick 94 Ай мурун
God bless you more Pastor 🙏
Shalom kitchen
Shalom kitchen Ай мурун
Amen in the Lord
Leona Janse van Rensburg
Leona Janse van Rensburg Ай мурун
I needed to hear this. Amen
Dwaisile Kauring
Dwaisile Kauring Ай мурун
I was weak and tired I search sermoms in KGglobal to boost me up , praying silently from my heart I saw one of your video and tap second video, now I thought oh God pleaseI need a sermon on my present situation on how I'm weak and now God gave me this video....... God is great, God is good Praise the Lord!
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin Ай мурун
What if I have no Abishai?
Melody Hamblin
Melody Hamblin Ай мурун
I don't know how to be myself I used to be so sweet and kind and I changed for the worst I dont feel much and I'm scared deep down
Melody Hamblin
Melody Hamblin Ай мурун
God has never left me how do I open up to him
JoAnna Alvarez
JoAnna Alvarez Ай мурун
Thank you so very much. I needed to hear this. May God bless you 100 times more for all that you do.
Aysha Brown
Aysha Brown Ай мурун
Amen 🙏🏾 lord bless y’all! And steps in to this season !!!!
Robert Saravy Iv
Robert Saravy Iv Ай мурун
Some important notes, Lamp stand remove it Not a threat it’s a warning, light perpective passion purpose, stop fighting these battle these way I’m not praying be sure you pray Did I really pray Have I lost my perspective or light Repent and consider how u fallen enemy too close and I’ll bring theo light back God wants gobbling by light back
Knights Kitten
Knights Kitten Ай мурун
They don't get to come to my movie night 🤣
commutergirl727 Ай мурун
Mom and I absolutely love your spirit and your messages. From Northwest Indiana keep us in your prayers. I'm a caregiver to 83-year young bedridden mother while I'm fighting cancer and now Osteoporosis. I'm good as long as I pray that if this is my forever normal that I am functional past the pain. God brought me thru this storm for a reason and with faith, I will know on the other side of this.
Official Steven Furtick
Official Steven Furtick Ай мурун
Hello, our team is praying for you and your mother right now. We are praying for your health and your faith. May you always find hope and comfort with our most Gracious God, and may He continue to work in you throughout this tough time. ^SF Team
DeAnnA S
DeAnnA S Ай мурун
Yes Lord. Thank you 🙏
DeAnnA S
DeAnnA S Ай мурун
Truth amen
sherry arroyo
sherry arroyo Ай мурун
Make sure to watch one video 3 times a day. Just as we need food for fuel we need God's message to feed our souls. May God bless each and every one of you.
Correnia Profitt
Correnia Profitt Ай мурун
Sandra Funderburk
Sandra Funderburk Ай мурун
Not much time starting new job next week
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